Jodi Handoyo

Apr 18, 2013 Music Director,

Music Director

Jodi Handoyo is an film composer , arranger, songwriter, and music producer that have a lot of  music works for  variety of  audio visual media and film.  Graduated from Film and Television Faculty of IKJ ( Jakarta Art Institute ) , Jodi enhanced his capabilities in the field of music by studied at the Musician Institute in Hollywood, California.

Returned from united states , Jodi had worked at several  ad companies and creative consultant as a production manager, creative director, and director of product development. But finally  he decided to build his own production facility under  JH-Enlightenment Studio names , which specialized in producing music and sound design for film and visual media.

In addition as an arranger and composer, Jodi also wrote songs , arrange and produce music with several jazz pop artist ,  He was also active as a speaker and trainer in music production for visual media and sound designing for film makers, television producers and other media producers.

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