Moriza Prananda

Creative Director,

creative director.

Starting his career in the visual media as a newsmagazine photographer, who then banned by the New Order ruler in Suharto era..  Then turned to became a television news cameraman, prior to his documentary film world.  His last position was as executive producer for documentary programs in a national broadcasting station.

As a director, he has produced so many films with low budgets and limited production period, but still quality. Some of his works won international awards such as the Asian Television Awards (Highly Commended: 168 Hours Being Hostages, 2005), AIBD Awards, Thailand (First Prize: The Melancholic Sounds of Tabuhan Cave, 2006), ABU Prize 2005 (Grand Nomination: Where is My Land , 2005), FFI 2009 (Grand Nomination: Testimony from the Land of Minang, 2009), FFI 2008 (Grand Nomination: Last Notes from Nusakambangan, 2008).

Together with Ady Widyarta, in 2010 he founded Warna Pictures and has a lot of work with various government agencies, private companies, and individuals, to make a documentary, Public Services Announcements, and tv commercial  advertisements.

Ady Widyarta : 08161666780

Office : 021-46207149