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1. Video Communication

Video Production Process

Every premium video project must have a plan. We believe in a detailed and organized video production process. We communicate constantly with our clients during the video production process. Effective communication is critical to developing a project within the scope of a client’s vision. We dedicate as much time as necessary to get to know our clients, their organizations, and their goals. Ready to get started on your project? Contact us today !

Pre-Production Stage
The cornerstone of any video production project is pre-production. Pre-production is the critical process of creating the conceptual design of the project before the cameras start rolling. We begin by getting to know our clients and their organizations through preliminary phone and email contact. This is followed by a visit to the client’s office or other facility to gain a visual understanding of the project. Conceptual designs become proposals that are submitted to the client for final approval.

Production Stage
In production, all of the attention to detail in pre-production pays off. With the foresight established, we are ready to start rolling the cameras and shooting your video production. Depending on the venue that is chosen for the shoot and the subject matter being filmed, we will have all the necessary equipment on hand to capture each frame exactly as planned.

Post-Production Stage
Post-production is where your Rumah Warna video project comes together like the pieces of a puzzle. After a basic assembly based on the original conceptual design, a rough cut is submitted to the client for approval. Upon approval, the work begins on any revisions that have been requested along with additional editing, effects and other touches of studio magic until we reach the final cut. When the final cut has been approved, your video production moves into the finishing stage where sound, color, and any graphics are perfected, resulting in a truly polished video production.

The final cut is mastered, encoded and compressed for DVD, web distribution, broadcast, or any other format that may be requested. If the project is designed for DVD, we create DVD menus, cover art, and cases. Duplication services are available in any quantity.

Whether you need consulting, filming, editing, or start-to-finish video production, Rumah Warna is pleased to assist you. Contact our video production team today and get your video project underway.

Whether you need consulting, filming, editing or a fully produced video from start to finish we are here to assist you with whatever you need.


Corporate Video

As the evolution of marketing continues, corporate video has become one of the strongest marketing tools for business. The use of business video in Indonesia has become so prevalent in some industries that it is now an essential part of any solid marketing strategy. Corporate videos play a crucial role on websites, at trade shows, and in the training and professional development of employees. Utilizing a concise, attractive video on a website to give a brief overview of products or services has been shown to increase traffic, decrease bounce rates, and ultimately increase sales. Contact Rumah Warna and speak with a production specialist about Indonesia business video production.

Send a Message with Corporate Video
Corporate videos allow businesses to convey information about a product or service and provide a visual representation of the company. Potential customers are drawn to a business that has a face. Imagine giving potential customers a virtual tour of your facility, or a chance to hear directly from the CEO. These are enormous advantages offered by business video production that the competition may already be using. Get ahead of the game – contact our Rumah Warna business video team.

Corporate Videos Provide Better Training
Training new employees and continuing the professional development of current staff is crucial to productivity. Too much of the information found in training manuals is dull and will not be absorbed by the employee. An employee’s lack of understanding in company policy, procedure, or operations will likely lead to a loss in productivity and, in some cases, could even cause loss or injury. Rumah Warna can create corporate training videos that will keep your employees focused and engaged. Contact us today.

Warna Pictures for Corporate Videos in Indonesia

When deciding to invest in corporate videos, you want to be certain that the results will be perfect. We have a proven process for video production that includes the insight and preparation required to make the most of your investment. Our pre-production process takes every detail into account and includes as much time as necessary to get acquainted with your organization to ensure that we truly capture the essence of the company on film.

In most cases, we are able to complete all of the filming at your location to minimize or even eliminate the need for your employees to travel or be away from the facility for any period of time. Our team of business video specialists makes every effort to be as unobtrusive as possible during the onsite production process so that you can continue to operate your business as usual. Contact us  to learn more about corporate video in Indonesia.



Today's television audiences expect creative broadcast quality video production. If your television commercial delivers anything less, your image and branding will suffer. Let us take your company's commercial production to a new level that will stand out from other commercials that lack a creative touch.

Our talented writers, directors, and producers are skilled in crafting every aspect of your television message. Creating a concept that conveys your marketing message in the most effective way is what separates Warna Pictures  from the cable companies that create canned productions in order to get your advertising schedule running.

We Provide:

Design Development

Contact us today for a no fee consultation about commercial production.


TV Program

So... you want to make a TV show?

Programs on TV have a very big impact on how people think and feel. Organizations can, and should, take advantage of public access to get important messages across to the public. Light hearted entertainment is important too.

Where do you start?
In general you need an idea. And you need some equipment. And a bit of time.
Ideas are a dime a dozen. Following are a few you might consider, in no way is this conclusive, it’s just a start.

pre-event info
recitals shows
gallery showings
music/dance/theatre events

pre-event info
cultural events
what’s happening
who we are
get to know your neighbors
PSA’s (public service announcements)

foreign language
general ed-ongoing classes
specialized programs: parenting, tax help, lots more how to’s like
how to become a foster family,
meth news

government meetings
perspectives of such

film fests
short videos
sit coms series

So start thinking and discussing with your friends, co-workers and others about how you can utilize this great medium. It’s not hard to do once you start. Just contact our expert team for consultation about TV programs !


Time to get real.
Documentaries aren’t just for The History Channel anymore. Documentary video production has evolved and is a different game these days.  Good news for you – we are not your father’s documentary video production company.  A good documentary won’t simply ‘inform’, but will educate, inspire, call to act and yes, sometimes even sell.   Whatever your objectives, whether your documentary production takes you around the corner or around the world, Rumah-Warna  is there to ensure that your final product is the masterpiece you envision.
Check out our demo reel and documentary portfolio and Contact Us to learn more.


Music Scoring

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